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Video: Bolivia Father Locks Son in Wooden Box For Two Months

Video: Bolivia Father Locks Son in Wooden Box For Two Months

A 21-year old Bolivian man was forced to live in a homemade wooden box for two months in Eastern Bolivia as a punishment for stealing three chickens. Police rescued the boy who was forced to live in the 10 feet by 6.5 feet box.

“I went out and when I came back, they were angry with me here and home,” Johan Knelsen told police from inside the wooden cage, which also contained pillows and bottles he had used as a toilet. “And some people tied me up and put me in here eight weeks ago.”

The family reportedly belong to the Christian Mennonite denomination, which follows a very strict interpretation of the Bible and shuns the use of technology.

Watch Reuters’ report below and raw footage (in Spanish) from Chile’s El Mercurio newspaper.

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    • Henry

      The most important thing here is that those are not christians, they are religious self righteous man made rule followers and again not Bible interpatation at all.

    • Concerned mom

      Those Mennonites are not Christians. They are a group of religious people following the doctrine of man. Christian means Christ followers and religion means man made rule. They do not interpret the Bible

    • A concerned Relative

      Just here to correct you, it might be Mennonite but NOT CHRISTIAN mennonite and it’s NOT strict interpretation of the Bible, it’s strict interpretation of THEIR RELIGIOUS group. See for yourself,read the WHOLE ENTIRE BIBLE, you will NOT find ANYTHING like it in there. Thank you

    • Christian

      I agree. The world evidently doesn’t know the difference between religious cultic groups, who say they are christians and real Christians. Putting a boy in a box is not strict biblical order but for selfish gain for the cultic leaders. For truth read the Bible and the truth shall set you free.

    • This is one awesome blog post.Thanks Again. Really Great.

    • Very informative post.Much thanks again. Keep writing.