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Counseling Ordered for Dallas City Hall Facebook Addicts

Counseling Ordered for Dallas City Hall Facebook Addicts

Some companies would just fire you, but not the City of Dallas. Two dozen Dallas City Hall workers received reprimands or counseling after a recent probe showed they spent too much time on the social networking site.

“It’s [Facebook at work] definitely on the ‘bad idea’ side,” said Dallas attorney Travis Crabtree. “You hear lots of horror stories out there about employees posting things about how they’re either playing hooky, or just fiddling around while they’re at the office and getting in trouble for it when their boss sees it.”

Cesar Baptista, an assistant director in the water department, had Facebook open for 68 hours during a three-month period. But Baptista said he often opened his Facebook page in the morning and didn’t close it while he did other things. He says he no longer opens the site at work.

City officials are working on new employee guidelines for social media use.

Are you reading this at work?

Based on reporting from the Associated Press.

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    Jon Byington manages the editorial and business operations for Jon is also on Google +
    • Marco

      What do we expect from city workers. Do we think they all actually work?

    • hardworkingemployee

      Yes they do work! A lot harder than you think! With all the cut back’s of city employee’s our work load has doubled and in some cases trippled! So Marco, before you start to make comments about city employee’s…work for government positions’ FIRST before saying anything! And remember, we supply your drivers license as well!!!!!! LOL (think before you write)…NEXT TIME