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Part II: Early Planning Tips for your Wedding

Part II:  Early Planning Tips for your Wedding

Jenny and her Fiancé

This is part II of our wedding planning series. Be sure to check out Part 1.


6. Guest List – Round 2

Now go back over the list you and your partner compiled. Attempt to minimize polite invites and shorten the list. This can be stressful – remember candles, wine, tea and soothing tunes in the background. Smile, this is all about enjoying the process, okay? Once you have a guest list you will have a rough idea of how many people you need to budget for. Now stop worrying about this part.

7. Date

When do you want to get married? Take into consideration vacation times. If you want your nieces and nephews to be there remember they have school etc. Think about your closest relatives possible complaints. If your mother cannot tolerate heat due to health conditions don’t get married on the beach in Mexico when it’s at its hottest. Decide if you want to do your wedding sooner rather than later. Be patient and give yourself time to do things your way. Remember that even if you take people into consideration, this is you and your partner’s day. Repeat manta “this is our day”.

8. Location

Pick a country and location. If your partner and you come from different countries consider doing it in a neutral area; a location that is a place you both share and feel dearly about. Don’t be hard on yourselves; you can have a couple of countries/locations in mind. Think about the style of wedding you want when you are thinking of location. Consider whether those closest to you will have any limitations in arriving to the locations you are considering. As you finalize the budget you will find that the option will become clearer – compromise, remember?

9. Wedding Planner/List

If you can, try and meet with a wedding planner. They will talk you through the basics and offer you some guidance and perhaps help get you focused on what you want.

If you prefer to plan your wedding yourself consider using the valuable resources online and in magazines, for example or Real Simple Weddings. There are tons of tips and organizational tools available online. Use these to make lists of what you need done prior to the big day (remember: it is a lot so get started as soon as possible).

Ask for help: Reach out to friends and family and start to delegate the work you need done. Set up a plan so that you do not micro-manage. If you ask your best friend to scout out bands, give her a period of time and then reconnect with her findings on a set date. Note to (your) self: Do not nag.

10. Let the Wedding planning Commence!

Planning the rest of the wedding will take a lot of energy and good humor. Nobody is saying that it is easy, but fun is not always easy.

Along the way keep asking yourself two simple questions that will re-focus you and your partner in times of panic, stress and general frustration:

1. Why are we doing this? (Because we love each other, we want to share our love with all of our friends and family etc etc.)

2. Who are we doing this for? (First and foremost: Ourselves – then our family and friends)

Always remind one another how much you love each other.

Smile. Laugh. And enjoy the process.

- Jenny Pellicer

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