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Lights out for another Latino Talk Show Host?

Lights out for another Latino Talk Show Host?

Tonight is the last night for George Lopez’s ‘Lopez Tonight’ and it may be lights out for another Latino talk show host: Father Albert. The Father Albert show, which was being tested for five weeks in six Fox markets, didn’t even last the full five weeks before it was pulled in half the test markets.

Those markets are New York, Minneapolis and Phoenix. The show averaged a 0.7/2 in the metered markets for its first four weeks. That’s down 30% from its 1.0/3 lead-in average, although even with its year-ago time periods, according to a Broadcasting and Cable article.
This was Father Albert’s first English-language show though he’s no stranger to television and radio, having had previous shows, but in Spanish. The show garnered 538 Twitter followers and 3,866 likes on Facebook during it’s short run.
Would Father Albert do better on a Spanish-language channel or a different network other than Fox? Is his Priest clothing a turn-off to audiences? Or is his show simply not interesting? Do you think the show will be back? Did you watch any of the episodes?
Let us know what you’re thinking.

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    Jon Byington manages the editorial and business operations for Jon is also on Google +
    • Chrissy Bowers

      I am upset that the Father Albert Show was cancelled. I watched it almost everyday. I liked parts of the show such as What’s Your Dilemma and Hot Under the Collar. Guest psychologist helped tremendously breaking down what was happening in someone’s situation and how to overcome it. He took on topics that are controversial and did not lose his cool discussing it with guest while offering a solid viewpoint. He spoke with people with a good heart and a level head. Please put his show back on.

    • Annette

      I agree The father albert show was good! it was a different type of show that kept you interested. We need something different in talk show s thatn the usual Muary, Sally, Rickki Lake etc. Just because he is a priest does not mean that he cant have a show…please what needs to be canceled is the Sunday morning preachings on TV with the people “fainting” that makes me hot under the collar. PLEASE PUT FATHER ALBERT BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

    • charlotte evans

      I was on the father albert show. I felt very attacked by him and I was on there talking about very difficult issues.

    • joe willy

      Oh…so now its a racial issue?…Remember Oprah?…A black talk show host? So If she failed people would be saying “Another black person kicked off TV” …Please!…. Just face the facts…cream rises to the top, and the rest go by the wayside….these people were lucky to get the chance…but the failed…Too bad…quit complaining on their behalf….

    • Virginia Benson

      I enjoyed his show. I watched it everyday. I thought it was different and very interesting. His topics were good and had some interesting guests. I am sorry his show was cancelled. Please bring him back!