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No more Honda Hood Sex for New Mexico State Cop Bert Lopez

No more Honda Hood Sex for New Mexico State Cop Bert Lopez

The New Mexico State Sex Cop won’t be having sex on top of any more Honda’s at least not as a State police officer because he’s no longer a cop.

Bert Lopez was informed late this week that the Department of Public Safety has fired him, The New Mexican newspaper reported.

“It is an embarrassing situation for the department, but we have to remember the rights of the employee afford him due process we must follow so we won’t be commenting further,” agency spokesman Sgt. Tim Johnson said.

But when asked Friday evening if Lopez was still employed with the New Mexico State Police, Johnson said, “No.”

Wednesday Security surveillance photos of Lopez went viral Wednesday showing the officer having sex while on the job and on top of a car.

Lopez, who could not be reached for comment, has 30 days to appeal the firing. That appeal goes to a special commission within the New Mexico State Police Department and then state District Court.

Johnson would also not comment on whether the change in Lopez’s employment status was an indication whether the officer was in fact on duty at the time of the incident in question. Police have said they are assured the sexual encounter was not in exchange for anything related to Lopez’s position as a law enforcement officer and was not criminal.

Lopez was named the 2009 District 1 Officer of the Year for state police and was awarded a “Challenge Coin” in July, an honor given to officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

Earlier this month, an employee with Santa Fe County came across surveillance photos taken from a motion-triggered security camera positioned at the front gate of the county-owned La Bajada Ranch south of Santa Fe. Two of those photos showing a uniformed officer having sex on the hood of a Honda.

It is unclear when the photos were taken, but Garcia said he believed it was either late July or early August.

Based on reporting from The New Mexican

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