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Video: Man with Pit Bull Phobia Cries on Camera When Confronted with Puppy

Video: Man with Pit Bull Phobia Cries on Camera When Confronted with Puppy

The new series “Extreme Animal Phobia” premiered Friday on the Animal Planet Network.

Chicago resident, Marvin Cruz, a large, tattooed biker that runs a car wash is afraid of pit bulls and his phobia was profiled during the first episode.

The forty-seven-year-old said that when he was six, his neighbor was attacked by a pit bull and needed over a 1,000 stitches.

“It attacked my neighbor, arms, legs, back, chest, everywhere,” said Cruz. “If I see a pit bull I’m ice cold, I’m frozen.”
Cruz doesn’t go to family outings because of his animal phobia.

“My kids’ friends are always saying ‘Where is your Dad? Do you have a Dad? He’s never here.’ It hurts, it hurts a lot,” Cruz said.

The pit bull phobia doesn’t just affect his family, but also his business as Cruz is shown waving away customers at his car wash because a pit bull was in the car. As part of the show, Cruz met with Dr. Robin Zasio to help overcome his phobia.

“This dog represents 40 years of pain,” said Dr. Zasio during a session with Cruz at a dog park. During the session, Cruz broke down and said, “I’m a coward.”

Dr. Zasio responded, “This is why you are confronting your fear because you can’t keep living like this.”

The next episode of Extreme Animal Phobia airs Friday 10 pm. e/p. Clips from last week’s episode featuring Cruz are below:

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    • Jessica

      BEWARE!!!!! This man is a scam artist! We used to live in the same building he managed in Chicago. We had two pit bulls and had puppies, he was at our apartment all the time, he would even pet and play with our dogs. He is such a fake you cannot believe everything he says. He has ripped many people off.

    • Oh yes I remember U Jessica, U were the one i EVICTED for none payment of rent & Having gang bangers in Ur apartment all day while Ur hard working husband was at work WOW, Yes Ur right I’m the bad person here U even told the judge the same story & what did he say, ( U HAVE TOW WEEKS TO VACATE THE PREMISES ) NOW THAT”S FUNNY. Have a great day……….. P’s Get it right NOT the manager THE OWNER……

    • Thank you ever so for you blog article.Really looking forward to read more. Will read on…