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Fort Wayne, Indiana: Fattest, Dumbest and Now “Most Artery-Clogged”

Fort Wayne, Indiana: Fattest, Dumbest and Now “Most Artery-Clogged”

This city has been labeled the fattest in America and the dumbest and now Fort Wayne, Indiana, has been ranked the second “Most Artery-Clogging City in America,” according to the Journal Gazette.

Prevention Magazine used numbers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to compile the list of eight cities, according to the article, which included two Texas cities.

“It’s disappointing,” Dr. Deborah McMahan, Fort Wayne-Allen County health commissioner, told the Journal Gazette. “I do think we have some work to do in preventing heart disease, but I think we are making efforts at providing an environment which makes it easier to be a little healthier.”

In 2002, the CDC ranked Fort Wayne among the fattest in America, the article notes, and then in 2005, Men’s Health magazine called it the dumbest.

Two Texas cities made the list with Lubbock coming in at no. 3 (where 33 percent of residents are obese) and Dallas ranking five out of the eight cities (In Dallas, consume fast food an average of 20.7 times per month — the national average is 17).

The full list:

1. Detroit, MI

2. Fort Wayne, IN

3. Lubbock, TX

4. New Orleans, LA

5. Dallas, TX

6. Baton Rouge, LA

7. Tulsa, OK

8. Louisville, KY

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