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Ms. Cecilia Muñoz sí puede

Ms. Cecilia Muñoz sí puede

Guest post by Yazmine Esparaza (@yazminePR).


Cecilia Muñoz is a name that, until two days ago, didn’t mean much to many who hadn’t followed her involvement in immigration issues or her work as senior vice president at the National Council of La Raza. To those, that name might have sounded as common as any María Rodríguez or Isabel Meléndez. However, on January 10th, 2012, Cecilia Muñoz became a name that can be considered a tangible representation of hope and success for many Latinos and Latinas like me who have worked hard each and every day to be someone and to be acknowledged in the United States. It is with great honor and pride that we welcome her as President Obama’s new Director of the Domestic Policy Council, as announced by the White House.

As President Obama said in a statement, Ms. Muñoz “has done an extraordinary job working on behalf of middle-class families, and I’m confident she’ll bring the same unwavering dedication to her new position.” I am with you on this, Mr. President.

Ms. Muñoz’s appointment signifies a level of respect that many strive for. She represents, not just a growing segment of the population of the United States, but also one of the fibers that makes this country strong. Latino participation, presence and contribution to the US is undeniable, and Ms. Muñoz is only a reflection of what we are here for: to be part of the American community as a whole, to work for the better of this country, to be acknowledged for our worth and our dedication, and to be seen as active contributors to the well-being of this grand nation.

This appointment is a three-way success because it is, again, a woman who will be occupying this position, as Ms. Melody Barnes steps down. It is not only a woman but it is also a Latina who will be taking this role and not just any Latina woman, but one who has demonstrated dedication and generosity in her efforts for fair immigration reform. Thirdly, but not less important, Ms. Muñoz has been selected to not only serve her Hispanic community, but to work for the American people, for each and every American without distinction. That is how honorable her appointment is.

This Latina has shown that sí, se puede, and she is living proof that we, Hispanics, can excel beyond the ethnic lines, can feel confident that we are part of this society and have a lot to bring to the table for every single citizen of this country.


Guest post by Yazmine Esparaza (@yazminePR). Yazmine works in the public affairs group of Ogilvy Public Relations in Washington D.C.

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