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Natural and Organic Food: a Simple Way To Eat

Natural and Organic Food: a Simple Way To Eat

“Good cooking means combining creatively the best natural ingredients, organic and fresh” Argentine chef Peter Lambertini said, referring to the benefits that consuming these products have.

However, eating healthy could be confused with dieting and it is not. Healthy eating is a lifestyle.

Nowadays, it’s questionable if healthy eating is trendy, if it is good for the environment or if it is only marketing. The truth is that many companies have entered this business, in the U.S. and throughout the world. So, now it’s more common that people are eating this way. The most important is to have a healthy diet, health experts advise.

It’s better if you can include natural and organic food because of all these foods have vitamins and minerals like carbohydrates, iron, fats, proteins, etc., which help improve the body’s performance and prevent diseases such as obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, etc.

But what are the organic and natural products? By definition, organic products are those that have not been attacked with some kind of fertilizer, pesticides or preservatives. And, natural products are those that retain their original components and are not processed industrially.

Probably, a “but” that people could use when it come to organic products is the price; however, this is offset by the cost of other natural foods like nuts, herbs or grains, – which are cheaper than we imagine-. It’s about taking out the calculator, analyzing and making a budget for a healthy lifestyle.

In addition, a bonus for this kind of lifestyle is the time; since their preparation is relatively easy. For example, natural yogurt (can be kept from a week to a week and a half) and is a fast snack.

Also, a very common myth is that these foods do not taste the same as those that we usually eat, but this is untrue. Once, I did an experiment with my friends. They did not realize that the fruit that I gave them was organic or I made stew with garlic oil and I didn’t sweeten the dessert with brown sugar.

It can be difficult at first to adapt to eating vegetables; or cooking with other kind of oils (olive, canola, etc.); or eating nuts (walnuts, almonds, raisins, etc.). But like all changes in life, at the beginning you suffer and then you get used to. And when you get used to it and you don’t eat healthy, you feel like you have a hole in the stomach. Try it!

Again, consuming natural and organic products does not mean to stop eating other things or not to eat. But it is important to include natural products in our daily diet and have a balance between delicious and nutritious food.

If we eat healthier, we can avoid serious health problems, among other things. Also, it has many advantages: who would not want to look, feel and be better?

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    Karla Denisse is a contributor from Mexico City who writes lifestyle and sports articles. Follow her on Twitter: @alitadenisse
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