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NYC Ritz-Carlton Fails to Inform Employees of Bed Bug Infestation

NYC Ritz-Carlton Fails to Inform Employees of Bed Bug Infestation

The Ritz-Carlton won’t confirm multiple bed bugs, but they will confirm one bed bug was found in guest room 1005 at their Central Park location, but they failed to inform employees responsible for cleaning adjacent rooms next to the room where the bed bug had been found.

Worker, Rosanna Polanco, a room attendant, said she was asked on Monday to service the room next to 1005 but was not told about the bedbugs, the New York Times reported. She found out only after a worker from Ecolab Inc., a company that supplies cleaning products and pest elimination services told her while working.

“He was the one who told me: ‘Be careful. There’s a lot of bedbugs in there,’ ” Ms. Polanco told the Times, referring to Room 1005. “Management didn’t tell me. I found out myself.”

Polanco told that Times that she was worried about her family — in case she had unknowingly brought a bed bug home. “I haven’t checked my house,” she said. “I don’t know how to inspect my house.”

The hotel has offered to send professionals to her home to check for any infestation, though Ms. Polanco said no one had come as yet.

John Turchiano, a spokesman for the New York Hotel Trades Council, which represents about 30,000 hotel workers, told the Times on Wednesday: “I’m told the hotel apologized for the delay in notifying the members. I can also tell you there was bedbug training this morning and afternoon for management and staff.”

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    • Anonymous

      I think there ought to be a related article about Aseptic Sure process that is new and can kill bedbugs in hotels/motels and other places.  It is not a cleaning product but a sterilizing mist made of ozone and hydrogen peroxide. Infested entities will soon be in a position to irradicate bed bugs for the first time.