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Tell the Government of Colombia: Release Jakadrien Turner!

Tell the Government of Colombia: Release Jakadrien Turner!

UPDATE: After U.S. media began reporting on the situation, it was announced Thursday January, 5 that Jakadrien would return to the U.S. on Friday. The petition has been closed. Please see the updated story.


We need your help to help a 15-year-old Dallas runaway, missing since the fall of 2010, who has been found after she was accidentally deported to Colombia in April 2011 and now the country is holding her in a detention facility and refuses to release the girl, who does not speak Spanish, to United States officials.

Read the full story here and please sign the petition below, Tweet, and tell President Obama and Colombian officials to release Jakadrien Turner!

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Twitter @JuanManSantos
Colombian President’s Office Twitter Account @infopresidencia


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    • Janetvdev

      The Colombian government did not have this girl in a detention center–it was housing her in a child protective services home until tjis legal mess (that she started) coukd be straightened out-please get your facts straight about this crazy story before you start accusing

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