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WorldView Video: See all the Tacos Delivered to East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr.

WorldView Video: See all the Tacos Delivered to East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr.

That’s a lot of tacos.

Reform Immigration for America, an advocacy group, arrived Thursday afternoon at East Haven Mayor Joseph Maturo Jr.’s office with about 500 tacos to protest the Mayor’s highly publicized “taco” comment, the New Haven Register reported.


Maturo told WPIX-TV reporter, Mario Diaz, that “I might have tacos for dinner” when asked what he was doing for the Latino community that night in light of the arrests of four town police officers in a federal profiling probe.

The 500 tacos, along with hundreds more, were given to area soup kitchens to help the needy, Register reported. The tacos were prepared by and purchased from a New Haven Mexican restaurant, the owner of which preferred the restaurant remain anonymous, reported the Register.

“These tacos represent every person across America who was disgusted by and condemns your comments, including those here today,” said Latrina Kelly, interim executive director for Junta, reading from a prepared statement as reported by the Register.

Mayor Maturo issued a statement after the delivery:

“The abundance of tacos that we received today underscores the importance of the issues currently facing the Town of East Haven and highlights the need for the Town to continue the process of healing and reform that I initiated immediately upon taking office through the efforts of the Town’s newly constituted ‘LEARN’ Committee,” the statement said, referencing the new committee formed to oversee Police Department improvements.


“The events of the past few days have focused our Town, and my administration, on the need to deal sensitively and compassionately with the challenges currently facing our Town,” it continued.

See where the tacos went after the press conference at city hall:

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