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3 Tips for a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday

3 Easy Tips for a Healthier Super Bowl Sunday


Before you stock up on all the wings, chips and soda and beer for the Super Bowl, try these three tips from celebrity trainer, nutritionist and self-defense expert, Jennifer Cassetta to make it a healthier day while keeping the flavor. Jennifer has trained Jenny McCarthy and is the official health coach for World Star Hip Hop.


1. Stay away from frying. Look online for a baked wing recipe and make your own wing.
2. Forgot those dips. Grab some hummus. It’s low in calories and high in fiber and goes great with baked chips.
3. Cut out the soda. Not even the diet soda. It’s empty calories. Grab some water or seltzer and flavor it. There are plenty of things to drink besides soda.


You can hear more tips for living a healthy lifestyle from Jennifer on this week’s DL Podcast and also enter to win one of her self-defense DVDs.




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