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Randy Jackson Speaks about J.LO, Puerto Rico, and Spanish Speaking American Idol Contestants

Randy Jackson Speaks about J.LO, Puerto Rico, and Spanish Speaking American Idol Contestants

Randy Jackson opened up during a call with Dos Lives and other media outlets Thursday and talked about a variety of topics including whether he thinks J.LO’s personal life has affected her performance on the show and what he thinks of the Latino contestants.

He also commented on the X-Factor break-up saying,

“I have not spoken to Paula. We texted back and forth. It’s sad to hear about all that’s going on with that show, but all of those people are dear friends of mine as you know.”

Referring to Spanish speaking contestants that had tried out for this season, Jackson said “In America now, as you know, this is part of the fabric and the culture. It’s American Idol and this show is for everyone.”

Jackson also wants to take the show back to Puerto Rico.

“Last season, I was really happy, and I was even happy a couple of years ago when we did auditions in Puerto Rico,” Jackson said. We should go back there some day.

Who does Jackson think the American Idol panel works so well?

“I think when you do these shows with any kind of judging panel, what you’re really looking for is that chemistry, and we lucked out with it on Idol and we lucked out again with Steven and Jennifer,” Jackson said.

While each judge has different views, they have a common interest.

“Ryan and I sat down with them before we did anything with them and we had dinner together and it just clicked, minutes in, because we all knew each other for a long time. I think we just all have a kind of a common interest. We see it differently, but that’s a good thing, but I also it’s really about having that chemistry,” Jackson said.

This is the second season Jackson has been with Jennifer Lopez. Has Jackson seen a change in Lopez with everything going on in her personal life?

“No. She’s very cool. She’s very professional,” Jackson said. “She comes to work and she comes to work. She’s doesn’t carry anything with her.”

Jackson also said that both Jennifer and Steven have settled in and the entire team is challenging the contestants a lot more.

“As far as the judging goes, which is what I can really speak about and what their role is on the show, I think they both really, really settled in,” Jacksons said” I think we’re in a real groove now.”

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