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WorldView:Young Mooch – Color Blind (The Interracial Love Story)

WorldView:Young Mooch – Color Blind (The Interracial Love Story)

Q&A with Young Mooch

This is a very strong and meaningful song. This topic doesn’t get talked about as much, but it still happens.

What influenced you to write this rap ‘color blind’? I didn’t have any personal experiences that led me to write the song, but I definitely knew it was a subject to be touched on because I like to write about real issues going on in the world.

Are you biracial? or in an interracial relationship? I’m not Biracial, and Yes I am. I’m black and I’m in a relationship with a woman who happens to be mixed of Black and West Indian decent, not as hardcore as a black/white relationship but biracial nonetheless.

Who are the two actors in the video? Travis Vanterpool and Sarah Connelly both aspiring actors who did a great job!! I thank them for helping my vision come to light.

Have you got any backlash over the song or video? I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from the song and video, a few people have commented about the video ending negative or the way a black man is being portrayed. I wanted the video to show what judging, pressure and racism could lead to, not promote negativity.

The end of the video the woman gets killed and the man kills himself.

Did you come up with that? Did you have second thoughts about putting that in the video? The whole video was my idea, and was directed by Jaison Blackrose Williams who contributed a few ideas, he did great job editing. No second thoughts I knew the message I wanted to get across in this video.

Do you think gender of the race has any effect on how people see them in the relationship? I do, I think black men get way more flack for dating white women opposed to black women dating white men. People seem to forget that before we are black, white, yellow, purple that we are all human.

There are those people who are against interracial relationships, but these days there are famous people who are mixed ( Pres. Obama, Drake, Chris Brown, Mariah Carey).

Do you think over time there is going to be majority of mixed race? Absolutley, I believe the number has been consistently rising through-out the years.

Is there anything you want to say to people who are in interracial relationships and whose families turned against them? Love who you love, God is the only one who can judge, be strong and stay positive.

How can people reach you and get your songs? I’m on Twitter @ThisisMooch, Color Blind is Now available on itunes and you can catch more of my videos and music on my website WWW.YMSOOGOOD.COM

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