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Q&A: Meet the Hombre behind the Gnombre

Q&A: Meet the Hombre behind the Gnombre

I recently caught up with Aram Chavez who is the founder of the first Hispanic gnome. Yes, a Hispanic Gnome that Chavez calls a Gnombre and he has a lot of supporters – more than $9,000 raised on Kick-Starter to get his company off the ground. There’s still time to buy one on his Kick-starter profile. Whether or not you’re a gnome fan, you’ll be guaranteed to smile as you read the Q&A below. Dos Lives wishes Aram the best on his new venture!

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Q: How did you come up with the idea for the Gnombre?

A: Gnome + Hombre = Gnombre™, my wife came up with the name after hearing me complain about how there’s no brown gnomes, from there, gnombre was discovered!

Q: What makes a Gnombre different from a regular Gnome? You also have a bobblehead? Any plans to introduce other types of Gnombres in the future?

A: Gnombre is first and only Hispanic gnome out there, and he’s like your Tio Nacho, a little fiesty, funny and has A-D-D! But he does have a family and is from a village, in that village is our next fun character, Shalom Gnome™. Shalom Gnome is Jewish and very welcoming, he’ll be ready to reveal himself in 30 days!

Q: You are of Mexican descent. Is the Gnombre Mexican or from another country or is it like Dora the Explorer who doesn’t identify with a specific country?

A: Gnombre is like all of us Hispanics, he’s proud of his heritage–mixture of many different Latin American countries. He been seen from the tip of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina all the way up through Guanajuato, Mexico and as north as Vancouver, Canada.


Q: What do you like to do when you’re not acting as “Chief Garden Officer”?

A: I’m a teacher and it’s the best, I teach Entrepreneurship–go figure? hahaa

Q: You have passed your goal ahead of schedule on kick-starter. Are you surprised by the response?


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