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Washington, D.C. Hispanic LGBT Community Rallies Against Homophobic Rants Made by Spanish-language Radio Personality

Washington, D.C. Hispanic LGBT Community Rallies Against Homophobic Rants Made by Spanish-language Radio Personality

Update 2: CBS Radio has issued a statement calling Molina’s Tweets “upsetting” and have committed to take action. Read the full statement.

Update 1: Please note that all links worked when this article was posted, but Mauricio Molina has since deleted some of the comments which were linked to in this article.

While the number of negative depictions of LGBT people in Spanish-language media continues to drop, the Hispanic LGBT community was the target of Spanish-language radio personality Mauricio Molina‘s hateful comments against same-sex marriage.

“Obama needs to get the f*uck out the White House before he gives GAY married couples the RIGHT to adopt kids,” Molina posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts last week.

After one of his friends questioned the reason of his comments, he replied: “Everything! Kids are innocent! and by bringing them to a house of a guy mom and a guy dad is just wrong! Kid is going to follow their steps n so on…”

Molina, a radio personality of CBS Radio-owned El Zol 107.9, hosts the “Jueves De La Calle” segment which airs throughout the Capital region including the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Maryland.

The comments were made around the time where a same-sex marriage bill was approved in Maryland last week. Comments have disappeared from Molina’s Twitter account.

Although Molina posted an apology, the Hispanic LGBT community and people outraged by his claims did not wait long to express their rejection.

Several fans of El Zol Radio Facebook page have posted comments rejecting such claims. As of March 4th, El Zol Radio has not addressed any of the comments.

Additionally, a Facebook page titled Discriminación radial en el DMV (Radio Discrimination in the DMV) was created last Friday and serves as a a unifiying medium to protest against Molina’s hatred. In only two days, the page has obtained more than 80 subscribers.

Molina has posted sexually-charged comments in the past and self-describes on Twitter as El Animador Mas Vergon (the well-endowed entertainer)

In the past, media personalities engaging in homophobic comments, have been reprimanded by their employes and received widespread rejection from the public. That is the case of CNN’s Roland Martin who was suspended after posting tweets that advocated violence against gay people.

We hope similar measures are taken. Do you think El Zol and CBS Radio should fire Molina?

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