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Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults

A new resource to help both kids and adults learn how to stay safe while online is now available in Spanish. Comcast’s Constant Guard website has important information that is open to the public regardless of whether you are a Comcast subscriber.

Sections include:

For Parents
Learn how to engage your kids in conversations regarding safe online behavior. Your active engagement and these resources can help you to engage in “The Internet Talk”, how to manage your kids digital reputation and learn about parental controls.

For Kids
Play educational games and enjoy interactive activities that will help you learn about Internet and 9-1-1 safety.

Viruses, Trojans and Other Invaders
The names for the most common types of Internet invaders are always changing, but the goals are the same-someone or something is trying to access your computer to use it in a way you normally wouldn’t allow. Fortunately, with a little know-how and the right tools you can stop most threats in their tracks.

It’s a free resource and we encourage you to check it out and discuss Internet safety with your family.


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