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WorldView: Danell Leyva “Proud” of his Semi-Nude Pics

WorldView: Danell Leyva “Proud” of his Semi-Nude Pics

Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva is proud of his bronze medal from London and also proud of his semi-nude pics that were shared with the world by his ex-girlfriend.


In a phone call with TMZ Live (video below), Leyva said that “everybody does it,” in reference to the semi-nude photos he sent his, at the time, girlfriend. “It’s not something random or rare.” He told TMZ that a lot of couples share racy photos.

Leyva said he feels there is a double standard for female Olympic athletes caught sharing similar photos.

“To be honest, there would probably be a lot of negative attention which is totally unnecessary. It would definitely be a double standard,” Leyva said.

Does Leyva regret sharing the photos?

“I’m not really upset,” Leyva replied. “I’m proud of my body. I work hard for it.”


Leyva said he’s looking forward to the next two Olympic games and taking home a gold medal.
“I’m really proud of the bronze, but not completely satisfied.”

WATCH THE SHOW (Danell discussion at 18:00)

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