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Most Peruvians Live Less than a Mile from U.S. Fast-Food Joints

Most Peruvians Live Less than a Mile from U.S. Fast-Food Joints

It seems like New York has a Starbucks on every corner and new data shows that the same may be true when it comes to U.S. fast-food joins in Peru where two-thirds of the population has to travel, on average, just over half a mile (0.66) to find a U.S. fast-food joint, Bloomberg news reports.

Peru is the country with the greatest concentration of U.S. fast-food joints, which began to open in 1981. Kentucky Fried Chicken is the largest U.S. fast-food chain in the country of 29 million. KFC’s Peru Facebook page recently passed 400,000 Likes.

Despite their love of food, Peruvians have been able to manage their weight, Bloomberg reports. Peru’s increase in body-mass index since the first U.S. fast-food eatery opened there ranks at 30, among the best in emerging countries, data compiled by Bloomberg shows.Which country has gained the most? The Dominican Republic.

Good news on the job front. The average wages in the capital of Lima have risen 56 percent since 2006 while unemployment fell to 6.7 percent in August from 8.4 percent six years earlier, according to Peru’s national statistics agency.

Do you like KFC? What’s your favorite fast-food joint in the U.S. or from another country? Next time you’re in Peru, you can choose from the Americano Extremo or the Mexicano Monumental.


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