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Prince Royce Passes 700K Twitter Followers

Prince Royce Passes 700K Twitter Followers

Congrats to Prince Royce who recently passed 700,000 followers on Twitter!

In other Prince Royce news, the Bachata star’s second album, PHASE II, went Platinum last week, Royce Tweeted.The album features bachata soundscapes, heartfelt Latin ballads – and a little mariachi, too.

Read more below from Prince Royce’s website about writing PHASE II

“It was the hardest challenge of my career so far,” he admits. “When I wrote the first album, I was just a kid with a dream. Music was a hobby, and I wrote those songs not knowing the power that they would eventually have, touching so many different people. So how do you do it all over again? I wasn’t that kid in the Bronx with all the time in the world anymore. And everybody was expecting so much from my second album.”

Royce responded to the challenge by going back to his roots. He spent some time in New York, returning to see his family as much as he could. He started writing one day at a time, like in his early days.

“Soon enough, I got the creative vibe back,” he enthuses. “I felt like myself again. I was confident with the new material.”

Writing and recording Phase II took a full year – allowing the new sounds to mature on their own, perfecting every chorus, every bit of lyric.

“Beautiful songs don’t materialize on the first try,” he offers. “I wrote many tunes that later decided not to use. We also ended up recording the album all over the place: New York, Miami, the Dominican Republic.”

The epic qualities of the project become apparent right away. Lead single “Las Cosas Pequeñas” is a gorgeous pop song with bachata stylings – boasting the authentic bongó beats that define the quintessential Dominican genre, as well as the spiraling guitars that give bachata such a romantic vibe.
“It’s a song about the little things that matter,” explains Royce. “Not from the material world, but rather the ones that cost nothing, like a walk in the park or a phone call from someone you love.”

The majestic “Incondicional” accomplishes a daring fusion: mariachi with bachata. “It wasn’t easy, but I really think we made it work,” he laughs. “This is a song about unconditional love – not only between a man and a woman, but also between brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, parents and their kids. The kind of love that is always there for you.”

Royce’s own personal favorite is probably “Dulce,” a song included in two different versions: bachata, and a pared-down recording with solo piano and voice.

“It’s about teen pregnancy,” says the singer. “There are so many girls who get pregnant while still in high school. Their parents get upset at them and eventually they give up hope. With this song, I wanted to tell those girls to wipe those tears away and continue going to school. Things are gonna be OK.”

Undoubtedly, Phase II will continue expanding Prince Royce’s reputation as one of the most talented young voices in new millennium Latin pop. Interestingly, the singer has achieved this level of success remaining true to his cultural roots and the seductive strains of bachata.

“Growing up, every summer I would take a plane and visit my grandparents in the Dominican Republic,” says Royce with a hint of nostalgia in his voice. “And that’s all I would hear during those summers: old-school bachata. When I started dreaming about becoming a singer, I felt that I wanted to contribute to the growth of bachata in this country. It’s my culture, and I’m just happy to keep it alive through music.”

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