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SPOILER: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Ending

SPOILER: The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Ending

If you find yourself unable to wait to find out what happens at the end of Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 then check out the spoiler below.

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“The Volturi thinks they are threatened by Renesmee . They gather an army to fight the Cullens.

As for the Cullens they’ve gathered vampires as well from across the globe to fight on their side. As the Volturi arrives, Carlisle speaks to them, trying to convince them that Renesmee is not a threat. Aro demands to speaks to Edward, since he’s the one related to this misunderstanding. Edward shows him that Renesmee is no danger and that he’s wrong. Aro wants to meet her.

Bella, Renesmee, Wolvie Jacob and Emmet comes forward, Renesmee faces Aro, and she shows him something which fascinates him. Aro is surprised he asks for Irina, he asks Irina whether it’s the child she saw or not, Irina is not sure, she says the child has changed. Irina says the Cullens are innocent and she takes full responsibility for her action. Irina is killed. Her coven wants to fight, but they are stopped.

Aro is still undecided whether he should kill the child or not, Alice comes out of nowhere to save the day as she has proof that the child is no danger for the vampires. Alice goes towards Aro to show him what she’s come aware of. After she shows him, Alice says that no matter what he sees he will always fight, she turns to Bella and tell her “Now”, Bella send Renesmee away with Wolvie Jacob, Alice kicks Aro in the head, he is literary turned upside down.

Aro then attacks Alice, Carlisle is furious he runs towards Aro, who then kills him . The Cullens and their allies runs towards the Volturi and the ultimate fight begins. I was extremely surprised! The fight was epic, breathtaking and will surely keep you on the edge of your seat. Bill Condon was able to transform Meyer’s writing into a visual feast! I am sure that I will be watching the movie again just to watch the fight another time.

The fight is in motion, many are dying from both sides, the Volturi are catching up to Jacob & Renesmee, Jacob kills the Volturi vamps. The Cullens starts to loose the fight, Benjamin steps in to save the day, he breaks the ice underneath them and creates a kick-ass hole where many starts falling in, Esme was about to fall but she is saved by a wolf that dies doing so, Edward is thrown by a Volturi in the whole, but he jumps from inside.

…. Many are still dying, I can’t remember in which order, it all happened really fast. Aro notice that he is loosing, he starts to fight, he is attacked by Edward, Aro is trying to pull Edward’s head. Bella jumps on Aro and pull his head, and Aro dies.

Aro burns, and suddenly it turns out to be entirely a vision from Alice, she tells him that this is his end. Aro is convinced no to fight as a new clan from Brazil has come in which there’s a half human half a vampire, proving that they are not a threat. The Volturi leaves in peace, as well as the Cullens and their allies. Back at their home Alice sees a vision of an older Renesmee surrounded by Bella, Edward & Jacob, living in peace.

Bella and Edwards sits in a flower-filled field, in which she shows him a montage of her memories to show him that no one has loved any one as much as she does, in return he tells her that he loves her back. The film ends in a montage showing all the previous actors from the previous movies, with a closing book page.”


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    • Kay Melin

      It does do the story serious justice, as the actors have said! I’m sad I couldn’t wait to see it myself, but happy now that I understand why there’s a fight scene in the movie whereas there isn’t one in the book. Very happy Steph Meyers has not sold her heart to the entertainment business, as I thought after seeing the trailer. Well done BD2 crew, very clever!

    • Aoenx

      I can’t believe I just ruined the movie for myself lol…I’m very disappointed in myself but I honestly couldn’t wait. Haha so I love the twist they have on it although I was kind of expecting it lol. But still disappointed in myself that I couldn’t wait xD

    • Xpixiegurl30x

      What thats it? They have been hyping this ending up for months, but people already knew about Alice having a vision with the vampires vs. Volturi since the beginning of film shooting… so disappointed.

    • brd2

      It’s not bizzare at all as they said

    • piperlouwho

      I read this at first and didn’t catch that it was all just Alice’s vision LOL! I read it again and phew — they don’t really die. I was really upset for about 2 minutes… So mad I couldn’t wait but glad I know before going in. I don’t like surprises!

    • Brittanydamico

      Seriously its just as Stephenie said. Seeing it from other character’s perspectives. We really feel the impact of Alice and Aros gifts. She said it was definitely not an alternative ending. In reality its still the book, we just now see what we all assume others had experienced.

    • Mrstattooedlady

      I saw a pre screening of this tonight. Alice does not die in the “vision”, Aro is saving her b/c he wants to keep her.
      My big issue w/ this “twist” that is for them to abide by the book’s “rules”, Alice’s visions of the future do not include the werewolves, they are a blind spot to her visions, as well as those around the wolves!
      And the cgi baby renessme is horrible :(

    • Fan

      Two wolves die. I think Seth and Leah and Jasper is killed. The volturi heads are killed. This all happens in the vision

    • Peace and Quiet

      Thats hilarious. They threw the fight in to draw attention to itself (gotta safe, it looks entertaining in the commercials) and turned it into a “what could have happened” instance. Cop out. On the flip side, this’ll work nicely for killing any conversations about it on Facebook for the next week. Thanks!

    • Wiggles

      Just saw the movie. The ending scene was epic. When I read the book, I was so pissed there was no fight. everything just ended…But the movie just kicked assssss. i for once perfer the movie to the book even if it did have a creepy cgi baby.

    • Rita Petrocelli

      I was so sad when Jasper died.

    • md aadil mozaffar

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