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Help! Sleepy’s Brooklyn Will Not Call Back to Schedule Mattress Inspection

Help! Sleepy’s Brooklyn Will Not Call Back to Schedule Mattress Inspection

| On 14, Dec 2012

Sleepy’s Brooklyn customer service needs to fix their broken mattress inspection program.

UPDATE (12.28.12): In the week after this was originally published, Sleepy’s provided a full credit for the mattress and box spring when I called to check on the status of the mattress inspection. With the credit put on my account during the phone call, I went to a showroom in Brooklyn and chose a new set, which so far has been very comfortable. The telephone rep, store salespeople and the delivery crew all offered good customer service.


An open letter to Sleepy’s COO Adam Blank:

I called Sleep’s 1-800-753-3797 customer service number in mid-November because the mattress set I bought from their Brooklyn Atlantic Terminal Mall store is broken. This was my first Sleep’s purchase and it didn’t even last a year. The bed has sunk in very deep, the springs have popped, whatever support may have been there is now gone and it provides a very uncomfortable night’s sleep. The telephone rep was courteous and said I would get a call in 5-10 days to set up an inspection. Not every mattress is a winner and I got a bad one and was happy that I would soon be able to replace it.

I waited and gave them extra time due to the Thanksgiving holiday. I called back on December 7th and the telephone rep said she couldn’t find my case number in the company’s computer they contract to manage inspections. She said I should have already received a call from the inspecctor’s so she created a new case and marked it urgent and I would receive a call within 24-48 hours.

By late Tuesday December 11 I still had not received a call. I called the customer service number again and pushed #4 as soon as the menu recording started.

The woman I spoke with apologized and said the inspectors should have already called, but unfortunately “it is out of our control” once they submit the customer complains. “Out of your control?” I asked in response. I asked if this company was hired by the mattress manufacturer or hired by Sleep’s and she said this company was hired by Sleepy’s to handle inspections in Brooklyn.

Sleepy’s – WAKE UP! THIS IS IN YOUR CONTROL! If you hired the company you can also fire the company! Why let another company tarnish your brand?

The telephone rep said to call back Thursday if I hadn’t received a call, but I called shortly after 6 p.m. and they were already closed.

Why doesn’t the telephone rep call ME back Thursday or better yet why don’t they call this “inspection company” and follow up with a phone call? When I asked for the contact information for the inspection company, the rep said it wasn’t public information. Who is this inspection company, anyway?

I wonder how difficult it will be to schedule an appointment with an inspector once they do call? Are they booked through 2014? How long will it take for the paperwork to be processed and for me to finally get a new mattress? I’ll keep you posted on the progress or lack of progress.

While you are reading this, I also wanted to mention that the manager at your Atlantic Terminal store is rude, has no clue about customer service and should be fired or at a minimum receive a demotion. I went to the store to discuss my replacement options and she told me to call the 1-800 number and walked away once she found out I was not looking for a new mattress even though I was in the middle of asking a question. She started talking to a couple looking at another mattress and was visibly annoyed when I called out and asked her to come back to finish our conversation. I hope you can find a better employee to lead your employees at Atlantic Terminal and better represent your company.

Is this an isolated incident? Nope, here are more negative experiences and of course many on the Sleep’s Facebook page.

- Jon Byington

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    • Cathy Sable

      Dear Mr. Byington, Thank you for bringing this to our attention.We would like to assist you the best way we can and bring the matter to a postive close. We will have a fellow specialist on staff to follow up with you regarding the matter. We look forward to speaking with you.

    • Cathy, an update has been made to this post, which describes the successful resolution. Thanks.