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LISTEN: Beyoncé’s National Anthem Inaugural Sound Check

LISTEN: Beyoncé’s National Anthem Inaugural Sound Check

| On 21, Jan 2013

UPDATED: WATCH Beyoncé Performs Star-Spangled Banner At 2013 Presidential Inauguration.

Listen to Beyoncé’s National Anthem Inaugural Sound Check.

Here’s part of her interview with Zap2It:

“Every time I am overworked and in a stressful situation, I always think about moments like this. And it makes everything worth while.”

“My father grew up in Alabama and my father was escorted to school with security guards. He was one of the few African-Americans in school.”

“There is so much history that we have overcome. And we are growing so much. It is so beautiful that I can make my family and my family’s legacy proud and it is a huge opportunity, for me.”

What about getting the National Anthem perfect?:

“I can’t really think about it until it is over. It is too much! There is no way I would be able to sing.

“I know it, but it is the type of thing doesn’t matter how many times you sing it. And the biggest fear is making sure you sing it right, and sing it correctly.”

“I am practicing. I have the tour, the Super Bowl and National Anthem. I am rehearsing right now. I feel like I love this song. Of course it is really emotional and nothing is more emotional than when singing it for a cause, and I know — the day after tomorrow. I don’t want to think about it! I love the song because the melody is so beautiful, and you have so many choices. I want to keep it really elegant.”

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