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One-On-One with Roxxxy Andrews

One-On-One with Roxxxy Andrews

| On 03, May 2013

From owning the runway to lip syncing for her life, to making it to final three, Roxxxy Andrews (Michael Feliciano from Orlando, FL) really made a name for herself throughout the season on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Roxxxy really wowed us with dresses she made, making sure to show some of that curvy caramel skin. While the season was coming to an end Roxxxy pushed through the laughter, the tears, and the drama, and made it to the final 3. I was so ecstatic to find out that I would be able to have a one on one interview.


DL: When you found out that you were going to be part of season 5 of Rupuals drag race what was your first reaction, where were u when u found out?

Roxxxy: I was actually in my house and they had given me a call and tried to play a little trick and tried to make me believe I didn’t make it this year. Then they put it on me that I did and it made it that much better. I was so excited to be on this season. I’m such a fan of the show. I’ve always wanted to go on and show exactly what I can do.

DL: What was your favorite Challenge throughout the season?

Roxxxy: My most favorite was the first challenge (dumpster dive).

DL: I remember you said the first time you did drag was on Halloween when you were 21. Is there anything special you do on your drag birthday?

Roxxxy: I do drag. I’ve always wanted one Halloween off where I can go to Party City with friends and get a costume and go out have a good time like all of America does. Sometimes the clubs will throw parties on Fridays and Saturdays and sometimes it’s not exactly on Halloween and I’ll dress as a boy and be like ‘I’m a straight guy.’ To be able to be out of drag for one day is like my Halloween because Halloween is every day for drag queen.

roxxxy-andrewsDL: What is the process becoming Ms. Roxxxy Andrews, are you blasting your favorite song or do you like it relaxed and quiet?

Roxxxy: I love classical music or good ol’ 50s music. Something really relaxing because with the club beats bouncing in the background, you need a little something soothing.

DL: I saw on tweeter that Nicki Minaj is a huge fan of yours. How does it feel knowing Nicki is watching every week?

Roxxxy: I love that Nicki is watching me and it’s amazing the show is getting out to so many people and Tamar as well. This is what I’m living right now. It’s something you dream about and you are living it.

DL: how was it meeting Tamar at the new now next award?

Roxxxy: It was insanse. We talked to each other like we had known each forever. It’s so cool. I never expected that to happen. She turned out to be 10 times better than I thought she would be. When you meet a celebrity it can be a downer because they are so busy and overwhelmed and she was like a best friend. It was so cool.

DL: When you snatched your wig off when you were lip syncing for your life. Where did that idea come from? Did you have an idea that you was going be in the bottom two or do you always have an extra wig ready?

Roxxxy: The only thing I did know what the lip synch song because you have to be ready in case things happen and you go to the bottom two I am a pageant girl and I’m always prepared for the inevitable. I knew I wouldn’t be able to whip the hair I had on so I needed a plan B.

DL: Are there any Latin songs that you like performing?

Roxxxy: I love Olga Tañón. She is one of my favorite artists in the Latin world. There are a lot of artists. I love to do Thalia. I do Latin music all the time. Sometimes I’ll go somewhere and if it’s a Latin community I will pop it up and they will go crazy. It’s so sickening.

DL: How was it acting with Wilmer Valderrama on telenovella skit?

Roxxxy: Oh my god. He’s so gorgeous. I loved every minute of it. And laying on the floor with him, hello, oh yeah.

DL: When the cameras were off and you had down time what did you do?

Roxxxy: You have to live in the moment and sometimes it goes so fast you forget what you are doing and were you are at. You have to really take that moment, even with traveling. Enjoy the city you are in. Realize what you are able to do right now that so many people would want to be doing.

DL: Who was your favorite guest judge?

Roxxxy: Bob Mackie. I had a lot of them, but definitely Bob.

DL: Do you have any advice for future contestants?

Roxxxy: If you are trying out for the show, be yourself in the audition videotape. Every girl wants to know if there is a trick and there’s not. They just want to know who you are. Don’t try to overdo it and just be yourself and that’s what is going to get you on.

DL: What’s next for you after this season?
After the show, I’m going to take a little vacation for a few weeks. I want to be shoe designer and I want to get things going with that.

With my interviews, I like to keep things positive and I felt like there was no need to bring up the drama between Roxxxy and Jinix. Roxxxy addressed the issue on Facebook and I will admit it did turn me off from what I saw, but after reading the letter I had a change of heart. We all get caught up in the moment and say and do things in life we wish we hadn’t. Here’s the letter from Roxxxy below posted on her Facebook page:

ok let me address the issues of last nights episode…ALL TEA ALL SHADE!

just so thats its out there and cause there is no explanation. if u feel like reading this than read. if not then i cant make you.

did i say all the things on last nights episode YES! I am a pageant girl who is NOT new to competition. IT CAN GET VERY UGLY! We were so stressed and i let every little thing bother me and needed to shut the hell up. Im not going to make EXCUSES! the things i said and did WERE on the verge of BULLYING and just plain out HORRIBLE. Jinkx was my BIGGEST competition and scared the SHIT out of ME and it kills me that i would have done her the way i did. NO ONE DESERVES THAT! im NOT looking for sympathy nor anyone to feel bad for me. for the people who know me and have met me know exactly how against that i am and how much i go out of my way for people. i am a true believer of actions speak louder than words. Jinkx is an amazing person inside and out and is the exact opposite of me but JUST AS GOOD BABY! she was someone i never saw as a threat from as close minded as i was back then and ended up my BIGGEST competition! In life we learn a lot of lessons through experiences and i learned so much! we all have growing up to do and make MANY mistakes. some of mine just happen to be on national television. if i lost you as a fan i APOLOGIZE FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! for i would have lost MYSELF as a fan from watching that last night. But i will do whatever it takes to prove to u all that im NOT that person! We all make mistakes.


Am i blaming editing? NO because i had to say those things at some point… BUT, they Can put it anywhere they want in the show. regardless of what episode i actually said it in.

am i ashamed of my actions? ABSOLUTELY!

To some it up before its said again and again … IM NOT asking for everyone to read this and forgive me… but i do want you to know how bad i feel and ashamed i am. un like other queens im being compared to i DO have a heart and my actions were NOTTTT in the right whatsoever!

i love u all and may god help me continue to learn from my mistakes and help me be a better person that what i saw last night.

love u all

Roxxxy Andrews


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