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HTC One Review

HTC One Review

| On 07, Jun 2013

We reviewed the new HTC One and we loved it.

Disclaimer: The device was provided to Dos Lives for two weeks by AT&T.

The device is as sleek on the inside as it is on the outside. You can see all the tech specs below, but know that this is a competitive phone, even against the iPhone 5 (which we own).

Some of the key features that stood out to us include:

  • Audio! The speakers aren’t normal speakers, they incorporate Beatz technology so it brings out more sounds than the iPhone 5 and other devices with dual frontal speakers and built-in amplifiers. Pitbull’s never sounded better on our phone.
  • High quality pictures and video. The device features an HTC UltraPixel Camera, which uses twice the size of megapixel and lets in 300% more light which means you can take vivid photos indoor without a flash.
  • The homescreen layout and variety of apps

Additionally, the call quality was solid and battery was more than enough to get us through the day.

HTC One Review

The home screen has a Flipboard-like layout that doesn’t distract from the rest of the phone and it can be customized to the news and information you want to see including social media updates.

We are fans of Techno Buffalo and after we finished our review, we watched Jon Rettinger’s review and we agreed on the key features of the phone. “I can unequivocally say the HTC one is the best Android phone I have ever tested and it may be the best phone I have ever tested,” Rettinger said in his video review of the HTC One.

One key feature we were on the fence about is the size of the phone. It’s great to view videos, photos and email, but it’s not a device we suggest you put in your pocket (if it could fit in your pocket).

If you’re ready to buy a phone, the HTC One is definitely one to consider.


HTC One Tech Specs


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