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The 2 Guns Cast Q&A

The 2 Guns Cast Q&A

| On 02, Aug 2013

Dos Lives sat down with Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and Paula Patton to talk about their new move 2 Guns, which hits theaters today.

What appealed to you about the script that made you want to do it?

Denzel: It was the opportunity to work with Mark and to have fun, I didn’t do months of DEA research, I just wanted to have fun.

Mark: I was attached to the movie first, and it was always about who is the other guy. It’s about the two guys, in movies they take the comedy guy the really funny guy and put him with the really straight guy and we didn’t want to do that. When I heard that Denzel was part of the movie I knew that this would be the best possible movie in my eyes.

With the two of you working together what surprised you about each other?

Mark: We’ve known each other for awhile, but what surprised me is how he (Denzel) would try anything, and how giving he is as an actor. He was really supportive of me and let me try things.

Denzel: I’ve been looking to stick my toe in the water, have more fun, when I read the script and heard that Mark was involved I knew I could be safe, he’s a funny guy, He really helped free me up to just go for it.

How was it shooting the scene with the Bull?

Mark: I thought it was no big deal hanging upside down until the blood starts rushing to your head, and he wanted to go up at the last second. Then I started complaining minutes before he started complaining because it’s not a fun position to be in, but it’s a very cool scene, you haven’t seen it before.

Denzel: The bull liked it!

Do you ever get use to handling a gun and do you remember the first time you had to shoot a gun?

Denzel: Oh, I plead the fifth!

Mark: I remember him holding a 44 magnum to my head. The first time I had to use one was in my first movie.

How physically punishing were these roles?

Denzel: The bull scene, It was hot and we were upside down

Mark: I think that was the day Edward James was intentionally forgetting his lines. The first scene we had with him he was tied up and we were smacking him around then he had us upside down.

This movie comes from a comic book for source materiel, have you read it before or after the film?

Mark: I knew it was from a graphic novel, I had it in my office and flipped through it. I thought it was good.

Denzel: I didn’t really know about it. I just read the script and let my kids read it and my barber and see what they think of it and if they liked it then great.

What do you think is harder, making people laugh in a comedic role or having people emotionally attached in a drama?

Denzel: I think for me I have less experience with this (comedic role) it’s hard, that’s why I wanted to work with someone that knows this better than I do.

Mark: I approach everything the same, I try to make it as real as possible.

How much improv when into these scenes?

Mark: there was a lot, i worked with the director before so he let me do my thing, just as long as it make sense with whats going on with the scene.


2 Guns

This was the number 1 question that all the guys had for you: Will you be in ‘Blurred Lines’ part 2 video with your husband (Robin Thicke)?

Paula: (laughs) No, only in our home movies, I’m just kidding, no, I burned all those a long time ago.

This was your second time working with Denzel, how was it working with him again?

Paula: I was fairly new to acting when I first got to work with Denzel in Deja Vu and it was like taking a master class, it changed everything for me. I learned from him by watching him, he didn’t tell me what to do, I would just watch him and you never knew what he would throw at you, I really felt in the moment. I couldn’t remember what had happened and the director would come in and tell me he loved it, but I had no idea what I did. Working with him again was like a refresher course and he is a great mentor.

What did your husband think about the scenes with you and Denzel?

Paula: Which part?

The part where you was straddling him?

Paula: Oh that part? He will find out at the premier. No, the day before I shot the scene I was thinking about it, and in the scene we made love, and it seemed funny to me to have a shirt on, so I told the director “I’m not gonna wear a top,” (laughs) I asked Robin before and he told me to go for it, but straddling is a different story.

How do you hold your own (which you did really well) with Denzel and Mark?

Paula: I think preparation is what’s most important to me. I had a wonderful woman Brenda who helped me craft this character. She was a retired DEA agent. When I show up on set whatever happens happens.

Did you ever feel like you was crashing the boys club a sometimes?

Paula: I kinda feel like man sometimes a little bit, (laughs) so I didn’t feel I did. I learned that men don’t like talk so I just keep quiet and I listen (laughs). I keep to myself to keep the chemistry fresh.


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