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The Cast Of Kick-Ass 2 Talks About How It Was Making The Film (Q&A)

| On 16, Aug 2013

Kick-Ass 2 is promised the have more “kick ass” scenes, but we also get to see the person behind the mask.

Find out what went on behind the scenes and did they take home any battle scars after finishing the movie.

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There is a scene where you say you can take on Robin, Do you feel Hit Girl can take on Robin?

Chloe Grace Moretz : Yes I can defiantly beat up Robin, I think I could.

Being that your playing a bad guy in this film, are there any redeeming qualities about your character in this movie?

Christopher Mintz-Plasse: He is a villein so its hard to have a redeeming quality but the fact that he lost his family is redeeming, but if your rooting for him then your messed up. But that is the one redeeming quality.

Your character Hit Girl seems to have daddy issues, how is she dealing with that?

Chleo:I think with Hit Girl, she watched her father burn in front of her,and watched him die so she defiantly has daddy issues, and she has no one in her life but Marcus (her guardian) and hes a cop and hes the most opposite of who she is. She doesn’t know what shes doing. she lost.

Has these roles changed you life?

Chleo: Yes, I think Hit Girl is that character that put me in that different light, it was my break out role. It put me in the minds of people in this business. she was one of those characters that really changed me as an actor.

Chris: I just did a lot of comedies so I think it was fun to have people see me in a darker role.

Was it hard to get back into you roles in kick ass?

Aaron Taylor-Johnson: Yes it was a changeling for sure, its really hard for me because I go straight to character then I erase it when I’m done then I go back to it, its hard to jump back in.

Chris : Yes, my character is dark and twisted now.

Chloe: I needed to find a reason to come back, in the first movie you never really saw the girl behind the mask, but with this one you do, There is a scene with me being Hit Girl without the purple wig and mask.

Chleo you had a scene where you were venerable, did you have to play that differently?

chleo: Yes, I had to find a way to fight back and still make it look real, and at the end of the day you have to show that venerability when she does get hit and the face and she does get thrown into the glass. This girl isn’t the super hero shes a 15 year old kid.

Aaron you really got in-shape for this role, How did you do it?

Aaron: There is a lot of fight scenes in this movie for my character, so I did a lot of fight training MMA, boxing things like that.

What was the most daring action scenes did you all do yourselves?

Aaron: We are pretty much told to do it ourselves, I remember seeing Chloe in the first movie doing a lot of hard action scenes and I wanted to that. Me and Chris had a scene where he really punched me in the face, And I still have a scar from the first movie.

Chleo: There was scene with one of the villeins named Mother Russia where she bust the back of her head open because the hydraulics was bit to hard. but as for me I really got beat up on the van scene, my whole rib cage was purple and blue, the van was really rocking and I almost slide off but I got pulled back and got the wind knocked out of me.

Chris: It was more exhaustion I was shooting a TV show in LA and I would have to fly back and forth from London and LA, so it was more of me being tired jumping off the plane going straight to set.

Kick-Ass 2 is in theaters now.

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