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Ricardo Chavira Talks About His New Sitcom, Life, and His Future

Ricardo Chavira Talks About His New Sitcom, Life, and His Future

| On 15, Oct 2013

welcome-to-the-family-04Dos Lives got the chance to chat with Ricardo Chavira on his upcoming show ‘Welcome to the Family’ on NBC.

Well known for his character Carlos Solis on ‘Desperate Housewives’, he’s taking a hold of a new comedy that really brings the laughs.

The series follows the clash of cultures involving two American families when Junior, the son of a Latino family, and Molly, the daughter of a Caucasian family, start dating. The two have just graduated from high school, and Junior is Stanford-bound. Then, they discover that Molly is pregnant. The pair decide to get married, forcing a bonding and blending of their two very different families.

Chavira will be playing the character Miguel Hernandez husband and father to Lisette Hernandez (Justina Machado), Junior Hernandez (Joey Haro), and Demetrio Hernandez (Fabrizio Guido).

Tune into Welcome to the Family, Thursdays on NBC, 8:30/7:30c


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Chavira speaks on the growing population of Latinos on TV.

“Any corporation, I don’t care if it’s television or whatever, if they have any sense about themselves, they’re going to try and tap into that demographic. Okay. And the entertainment industry is doing it just the same. You know, that’s what our show is. We’ve got a Latino family in our show. We’ve got an Anglo family in our show. But the Latino aspect of our show is just the texture.”

We also find out how he feels about the writers on the new show.

“I think we have four Latino writers or writers on our writing staff that have some sort of Latino heritage, you know, background. And then we have five writers of color total on our staff. That’s the most I’ve ever seen. Because I’ll tell you what. I was on Housewives for eight years and I don’t think there was one.”

“And you had a storyline for two Latinos on that show for eight years. And I had problems with some of the storylines on that show. And I voiced my opinion when I had problems. And sometimes I was listened to. A lot of times I wasn’t. I don’t feel that way on this show. I feel like I can voice my opinion when I like a storyline, if I don’t like a storyline.”

There was a time when he wanted to leave the industry all together but decided just to take some time off to spend with his family.

“Oh I’m always thinking about leaving the industry. I have dreams of becoming a fisherman in Alaska or becoming a war correspondent.” hes says jokingly.

“And then I turn to my wife and I look into her eyes and I’m like, “You know, maybe this is not the best job opportunities for me.” But what I did was I took time off after Housewives. I said, “You know, I need to do certain things with my family.”

He gave a list of things he did with his time off.

“I coached my son’s basketball team. I drove my kids to school. I took my daughter to ballet. I spent time going (camping) and doing, you know, house duties for my wife around the house.”

He talks about his reaction on reading the script for ‘Welcome To The Family’

“We were all talking about the scripts saying man, this thing’s really good. It is really good, you know. I mean because one of the things is that when you read the script you’re laughing out loud. It’s, you know, you’ve got this (great) Latino family. You forget that these people are getting ready to be grandparents.”

“It’s a wonderful team that we have on our show with Sikowitz and all the other producers and the writers and our cast and our crew. It’s just – it’s phenomenal,” b0abc3fb-28c4-405d-a143-f8d25cfae26d_NUP_156975_2923

He explains how the show isn’t just a “culture clash” of Latinos and Caucasian.

“So let’s not use that word culture clash necessarily. I mean, you know, the fact that this family is Latino is one texture to the overall”

“I think that you could take the Latino out and make them Asian or black or even another Anglo family, you know, and that would just be a texture. What we’re really dealing with is how the universal differences in family. You know, like how people differ in their parenting skills, how people differ in the way they show love and affection, how people differ in the way that they talk to family, they relate to family, how they relate to – how they allow strangers to come into family.”

Being that the show deals with young love I was wondering if he could relate to the theme of the show at any extent.

“I had a young love when I was in high school. I fell in love with this young lady. And she was like me, half Mexican with European. You know, mine is in German Irish. And my father and I think my sisters were not very accepting of her. And I think they saw something that was just going to be how do you say a quick fling. Yeah. And I think one of the things that turned my dad off about her is I started dating this girl and then I think to – she had this beautiful brown hair, I mean thick brown hair.And she died her hair blond six weeks after I started dating her. And I think that really turned my dad off for some reason. He wanted me to be very serious and go to school and do all these things. And I didn’t and I became more serious about this lady.And I think that really affected my father. But I think eventually he got over it because 24 years later I’m still with her. She’s the mother of my children. And she see’s my father once a week and has no problem telling him to sit his ass down and shut up and just enjoy his grandchildren. And he’s totally accepting of her.”

Being that this show reflects on the American Dream (going to college and getting a great high paying job) he touches on if he felt like he reached the aspect of the American Dream.

“My father provided me with an excellent opportunity to probably achieve an aspect of the American dream. I feel that my father’s story is far more significant. My father was born in the family of migrant farm workers. He was the first in the family to be given the opportunity as a child to either pick in fields or go to school. He flunked first grade twice because he didn’t know English. He didn’t learn how to use a fork or a knife until he was 15 because all they ate with was tortillas in the house. And he learned by watching the priest because he was an altar boy. He was the first to graduate high school. He was the first to go to college and finish college. My father holds a PhD in Medical Sociology. He went back for his law degree, became a judge and is now retired.
By the time my father dies and by the time I pass away, my father will still be probably one of the five most intelligent and influential men I’ve ever had in my life.”

He answered the rumor of, Is Eva Longoria going to be part of the show?

WTTF_Image 10“She is in our second or third episode I believe. So, you know, I made a call and I convinced her that she owed me and she need to come and do my show. And she jumped at the chance. She jumped at the opportunity and she is, you know, she’s a big supporter of mine.”



He goes on to talk about there friendship.

“And I didn’t realize how special of a relationship and a friendship that I have there. And I need to take better care of it. She is precious not just to me but I think to our entire Latino community. And the thing is she has always – whatever she’s trying to do she’s trying to do it from the best place in her heart.”

At the end of it all we wanted to know the message he wanted to send the younger generation in elementary school or junior high and high school to get from it besides like wear protection.

“You know, I’m not sure because I got to be honest. I got a 10-1/2 year old boy who read the pilot with me, got to see me do – put myself on tape and do the audition. I think he’s even seen the pilot too and he thinks it’s very funny. But I’ve yet to actually sit down and talk to him about what he understands about this. And maybe that’s really bad of me as a parent. But I also think that my kid’s pretty smart and pretty bright and gets it because, you know, he said himself he’s like, “Man, I don’t want to date anybody until I’m 25. I don’t have the time for it.” And I love that – I love that response, we’re going to really get into this especially, you know, when they go in and get the sonogram, some of this humor that exists in the scene where they’re getting the sonogram. I want to be there sitting with my son and see how he reacts and what are the things that I need to explain to him. But and you know what, I hope that our kids do get something. I hope the younger generation does get something.I hope they’re getting it appropriately in the end because I hope that they’re sitting down watching this show with their family, with their parents. So that their parents are forced to ask and maybe explain a few things.”

Tune into Welcome to the Family, Thursdays on NBC, 8:30/7:30c

Watch Online Exclusive #WTTF Moments, Episode Previews, And More Here

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