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Top 50 Cities to Find Love

Top 50 Cities to Find Love

| On 13, Feb 2014

Where is the best place in America to live if you are single and looking for love? Facebook ranked 50 major cities with the best odds for turning a “Single” status to “In a relationship”

The social networking company measured the number of people who identified themselves as being single at the beginning of October 2013 and those who said they were in a relationship by the end of the month. The rankings of the percentage of singles and single females to singles males also are based on Facebook data.

The Wall Street Journal broke down the data and the top cities are below. They also discovered the least likely cities to fall in love:

Overall, Facebook found that big, cosmopolitan cities with highly educated populations—places like New York City, Washington, D.C., and Miami—tend to have the highest percentages of single people. Those cities also tended to have the lowest couples rates.

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Top Cities to find love


Cities least like to find love:

1. San Francisco
2. Washington, D.C.
3. New York
4. Los Angeles
5. Atlanta
6. Miami
7. Boston
8. San Jose, CA
9. Seattle
10. Philadelphia
11. New Orleans
12. Detroit
13. San Diego
14. Baltimore
15. Charlotte, NC
16. Chicago
17. Raleigh, NC
18. Minneapolis
19. Cleveland
20. Nashville, TN
21. Sacramento, CA
22. Orlando
23. Dallas
24. Richmond, VA
25. Austin, TX
26. Houston
27. Pittsburgh
28. Columbus, OH
29. Las Vegas
30. Portland, OR
31. Memphis, TN
32. Tampa, FL
33. Denver
34. St. Louis
35. Salt Lake City
36. Kansas City, MO
37. Jacksonville, FL
38. Milwaukee
39. Phoenix
40. Cincinnati
41. Tucson, AZ
42. Indianapolis
43. Oklahoma City
44. San Antonio
45. Fort Worth, TX
46. Louisville, KY
47. El Paso, TX

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