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Celebrity Phone Hacking Scandal: What is Happening to Prevent This?

Celebrity Phone Hacking Scandal: What is Happening to Prevent This?

| On 26, Sep 2014

With another day passing, it seems there is another celebrity phone hacking scandal.

Celebrities, the world over, have been subjected to the hacking scandal over the course of the last month. The sad thing is, is that these hackers have been waiting to release images after critical events that a celebrity has taken part in.

Photo: Mingle Media TV

Emma Watson, for example, gave an impassioned speech about feminism for the UN. Later that evening, vile hackers leaked nude images of her online. It seems that this is one craze that is not going anywhere.

So, what is happening in the world of celebrity? Does this mean that every rock star and pop star is to put down their electric guitar and start deleting their prized photos? It seems that there has been little said on the subject by authorities. The iCloud has been systematically hacked into and over 100 female celebrities are said to be at risk from these photos.

Ed Sheeran spoke out about this. He claimed that he had been hacked and declared that this move was creepy. And quite rightly so. He told MTV his hacking problems and that he had been subjected to Twitter hacks. He commented that the scandal has caused discomfort for many and that it is ‘weirding him out’.

This level of the invasion of privacy is something that can affect anyone. It seems the private moments that were shared between two people were out in the open for all to gossip about. This is a dark moment in celebrity culture and technological advancement.

What is Being Done About the Hacking Scandal?

There are many policies in place on social media sites to remove this kind of imagery. Social media have a responsibility to ensure that these kinds of photos are not allowed in the public sphere. But, it seems that one a member of the general public has an image, they can share it as they see fit. While Twitter is taking the hacking scandal seriously, there is a wealth of information about it online.

Legal eagles have said that there is very little that can be done once the images have been leaked. There is no way to retrieve them, and there is no way that it can be stopped from going viral. Sites like 4Chan have removed any imagery that may have come from these hackers. They have said that they will take proactive steps to remove the offensive images.

What is more, Apple has said that they will up security. But, their stocks have been hit hard in light of the incidents taking place. Tim Cook declared that the company was doing all they could to address these issues. They understand the public’s concern and they are doing their utmost to prevent this kind of thing happening again.

Celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian have been hit by the leaked photos. It seems that no female celebrity is safe from these hackers. But, there are going to be more stringent controls so that this does not happen again in the future.

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